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My immortal fanfic

Omf I think this is a my immortal pun. I remember that fanfic, Thank god it was satire.

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Harry Potter funny. From the infamous 'My Immortal' fanfiction. My favorite line in the whole fic.

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It's an eight-minute buildup to an unintentional punchline. My Immortal - Part 1 - Chapters 1 to 4 - YouTube

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Infamously Bad Harry Potter Fanfic My Immortal Gets Web Series - bookmarking to watch later

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Just a snippet of the worst fanfiction ever written, My Immortal. It is SO bad that it loops around to funny

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#whenfanfictionisbetterthanactualliterature If you haven't read the fan fiction My Immortal, please do it I love it with a burning passion. Ironically of course.

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