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incorporate these into my phonics word wall and discuss words that are decodable in order to reinforce word attack skills. My students have always been taught sight reading so don't have decoding skills. Very limiting!!

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Getting a Job Social Story Life Skills Vocational CBI SPED/Autism/ELD

Now available for over 50% off in my "Transition Age Students' Social Stories Bundle" Getting A Job - Overview! Social Story for Special Education Students with Autism/PDD/Intellectual Disability and English Language Learners. Fully editable - EXCEPT LOCKED 1st PAGE!

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31 Things To Do When You Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur (and you're freaked out about EVERYTHING

I would like to tell you that this post is coming from a place of well earned wisdom but the reality is — I’m in the thick of it. A little over four weeks ago I took the biggest leap of my life. I opted out of my 18 year corporate career and said “HELL YE

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What Do I Need? {meal prep, life skills, independence}

Knowing how to select the necessary items needed to make a meal or a snack is an essential life skills task that is often difficult to teach in the classroom. Let's face it, these are not items we have readily available in our classrooms! I have a student that has this as an IEP goal, so in trying to figure out how I was going to teach this goal without hauling my entire kitchen into school, these cards were born.

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Grocery Store Ads (Empowered By THEM)

Brownie scavenger hunt. Money Manager legacy badge. Grocery Store Ads. Have your Brownies go on a fun hunt while figuring out what they would like to have for a group lunch. make sure they stay in their budget while learning to add up their meal.


Transitions using the smart board. There are different songs for each transition. The students help by touching the star to start the music. Also has a tutorial on Cutting Music down to shorter segments with GarageBand. I don't have a smart board... But maybe could use my Wacom slate?


Wheatley (2006) discusses the idea that disorder can become a source of new order. (p. 21) I think about this a lot in my life, especially when I am in transition from one chapter of my life to the next. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that through this disorder, than a new order will appear. This idea has reappeared in my life multiple times through my life. I choose to live by thee words because they are very real to me and my practice as a student affairs professional.

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Individual Schedules in the Secondary Autism Classroom

Individual schedules are paramount for success in the autism classroom. They help our students learn to transition, manage themselves, and take the anxiety out of the school day. See how I use individual schedules for readers and non-readers alike in my secondary autism classroom. Plus, grab a weekly schedule freebie!