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My Robot

from Etsy

Recycled Art Collage - "My robot wears glasses" - Original Mixed Media

Mixed Media Collage My robot wears glasses by redhardwick on Etsy, $80.00

from Mashable

This robot will look after your kids so you don't have to

The iPal will look after your children for you


"But I've got better luck in my head; we're just ghosts inside my bed." -This Side of Paradise by Hayley Kiyoko

from Gizmodo

This Hybrid Robot Cleaner Vacuums and Mops All the Floors In Your Home

Moneual Rydis H67 Floor Cleaning Robot - It’s got the ability to do both multi-suction brush vacuuming and hard-floor mopping with a microfiber cloth cleaner. It’ll work for 5 hours on a 2-hour charge and never complain. | Werd


amazon box robot with giant black framed nerd glasses I can't get these 3D glasses over MY glasses!... so either way I still can't see! Would you call these BCG's or am I paranoid?

from Speckyboy Design Magazine

45 Retro Robots Built with Trash

Schauer Amazing Robot ArtWide-eyed and up for a challenge nothing gets past Schauer. Gloriously displaying his radar headgear (lawn sprinkler) and dual window cranks (arms) this bot is master of all he surveys. A vintage motor analyzer case, auto valve bodies, electric drill parts, springs and a big gold nose keep him on top of his game.


I have this headcanon that Lance acts more obnoxious and goofy than he actually is to hide the fact that he's dying inside missing Earth. And that he misses his family the most, and that basically he spends entire nights just crying and no one knows and SHOOT ME I'M GIVING MYSELF FEELS


Spacedad needs some peace and quiet... and some therapy - Shiro