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Sabich Sandwiches (Pitas With Eggplant, Eggs, Hummus, and Tahini)

Falafel may get all the attention, but the sabich, another popular Tel Aviv snack food, has won my heart. Filled with moist slices of fried eggplant, hard-boiled egg, a generous layer of creamy hummus, crunchy Israeli pickles, and Israeli salad, and drizzled with tahini sauce and amba, a pickled-mango sauce, it's all you could want in any sandwich, and more.


5th grade list for Parker.

Especially when listening to political talking heads, I become more aware of their needs to promote fear as a sign that they want me to give them my energy ... and my vote.


Don't Blame Me, My Vote Was Thrown Away POLITICAL BUTTON

Election Day Voting Fun for Kindergarteners. Students vote for their favorite animal and then tally the votes as a class!


Fact-checking Trump on his support for the Iraq War

Clinton: My vote For the Iraq War Was 'My Mistake'

What is does a yellow light mean? - Taxi TV Series - clip - YouTube LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SCENE!!!


Sorry, Premier, but saying the NDP is irrelevant reveals your failure to grasp parliamentary democracy. My vote is relevant. Democracy is relevant. Maybe this is why you don't show up for QP that often.


Best Banned/Censored Books to Read (or Worst to Have Been Banned)