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Mycenaean Armor Little sense could be made of Homer’s description of the boar’s tusk helmet until in modern times actual specimens were found. Here is the only surviving example of a complete Mycenaean suit of armor, from a Mycenaean grave, c. 1400 bc, at Dendra in the Peloponnesus near Mycenae. The reconstructed boar’s tusk helmet is of a type most popular around 1600 bc, but pieces of helmets are found from as late as Homer’s own day c. 800 bc, so it was a traditional type of helmet in…

The Face Of The Famed Mycenaean ‘Griffin Warrior’ Is Reconstructed From His Seal Depiction.

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Mycenaean Octopus Brooch A gold Mycenaean brooch in the form of an octopus, Mycenae, mid 2nd millenium BCE. (Archaeological Museum, Mycenae)