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FC Eva Gutowski ° First person bio ° Hiya! I'm Zircon Clark. I know, Zircon sounds like a sci-fi convention, but it's actually a gemstone. Most people call me Zee or Connie, but you can call me anything. 《Peppy, awkward, talkative | Age : Seventeen | Sexuality : Panromantic | Relationship status : Single》

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DIY Room Decor for Teens! | Cute, Easy, & Cheap - I can't wait to try the 3D frames!

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1 <3 Is he threatening to take my internet away,? Im not going outside…what does it mean? It means hes a dick and he wants to ruin my LIFE! Ohh, yes…that is correct. So…..what do u wanna do now? Ummm, forget about it? Okay! Sounds good. Also Im 30 and no matter what age my body is this can

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“This month, I got the honor to visit the holocaust museum in Germany. Being of Polish descent, this is very close to me. My great grandparents lived in…”

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