Alicanto - Chilean myth: a bird that has glowing feathers, and eyes that illuminated in strange colors.

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Chinese phoenix – Fenghuang are mythological.Images of an ancient bird have appeared in China for over 7,000 years. The phoenix represented power sent from the heavens to the Empress.

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Like the Phoenix the old me has burned up and the new me has been raised from the ashes thanks to Christ

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Faberge Exhibition - Mythical birds and scrolling acanthus foliage decorate this two-color gold cigarette-case in the Renaissance taste, the pink matte gold body chased with yellow gold cartouche with a cabochon sapphire pushpiece. Signed with Imperial Warrant mark, initials of workmaster Oskar Pihl c1850s.

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The peryton is a fictional animal combining the physical features of a stag and a bird. The Peryton was created and described by Jorge Luis Borges in his Book of Imaginary Beings, using a supposedly long-lost medieval manuscript as a source. G.River

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Antique Tile adaptation Mythical bird cross stitch pattern PDF. $4.99, via Etsy.

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Dan, Ivory Coast, Liberia: A large beaked mask of the Dan-Mau. The hornbill plays a central rôle in the foundation myths of the Dan. Whereas the northern Dan groups (Kono, Kpelle, Mano etc.) represent this mythical bird in their 'gägon' mask type (with beak, black beard, and textile hat with feathers), the Dan-Mau sub group has developed a different type with long beak (known as 'Koma-ba', without beard!) which guards against witchcraft.

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