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N from Pokemon <3 Instantly fell in love with him since the minute I began the game, even more so when I saw him on the pokemon episode today <3

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插画 动漫【口袋妖怪BW-もういちどはじまる】id=14615066 终于结交到了朋友的N、场景超美!其实我更喜欢BW女主和N的CP

插画 动漫【口袋妖怪BW-もういちどはじまる】id=14615066 终于结交到了朋友的N、场景超美!其实我更喜欢BW女主和N的CP

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N is great. He was an amazing character and I really thought of him as a hero on the wrong side.

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Augh he's so beautiful why Nintendo my heart can't take these crushes on fictional men why

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Pokemon- do you ever wonder what it's like in the Pokemon world? Especially with the main characters and romance? How do we know N didn't see the main girl character and fall in love, cuz I don't think he's much older than her <<okay but I can't help but pin this because I ship N and the female character and no one can stop me AHAHAHAHA

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