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Namaste. Nice word. Nice reminder that we are all spiritual souls having a human experience together.

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The Best Meditation Chairs for a Silent Mind

Namaste <3 I use this frequently in my daily life....I had to remind myself of the true meaning.

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” - Budha

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NAMASTE: Means, 'I bow to the Divine in you'..... People with Good in them have the Creator, God of Israel in them. No other.

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15 Things That Happen When You Get Into Yoga

15 things that happen when you get into yoga Yoga every day ✨

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Large Namaste Yoga Quote Decal for Living Room by ZestyGraphics, $48.00 | Come to Clarkston Hot Yoga in Clarkston, MI for all of your Yoga and fitness needs! Feel free to call (248) 620-7101 or visit our website for more information about the classes we offer!

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40 Common Sanskrit Words Every Yogi Should Know

Nama means bow, as means I, and te means you. So, namaste means I bow to you :)

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What Does 'Namaste' Really Mean?

In Sanskrit the word is namah te = namaste which means “I bow to you” - my greetings, salutations or prostration to

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this is one of my favorite things about going to yoga class -- hearing this. or sometimes the girls at the studio say "the light in me sees and honors the light in you" LOVE IT

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namaste'.....this is my heart at the end of every class I close......I have deep gratitude for all who unroll their mat in our studio......

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