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SPIKE - A1097568 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/01/16 A volunteer writes: I believe in love at first sight, and that’s how it was with me and Spike. What a great dog! Quietly waiting in his kennel, his soft face and expressive eyes were all it took…he’s gorgeous with a capital GORGEOUS with a sweet, gentle personality to match. His leash manners are great, he quickly takes care of his business the moment we’re out the door, and we e


BOSS - A1094858 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/30/16 A volunteer writes: Boss takes his name seriously! He walks like a boss-ok he pulls a bit; he is, after all, a strong 80-pound puppy who seems very housetrained and is eager to relieve himself. He rolls over on his back like a boss- “I demand that you pet me, or you’re fired!” He’s had some obedience training and knows sit and down, and will roll over without the command! HA! His fo


\r\n**Fort Worth, TX - Current Status: URGENT - can be added to the euthanasia list at any time\r\n\r\nReason for URGENT: Hair loss - skin scrape negative\r\n\r\nAnimal ID: 33818249\r\n Name: Alvin\r\n Breed: Chihuahua mix\r\n Sex: Male\r\n Age: 5 years\r\n Weight: 7 lbs\r\n Neutered\r\n Heartworm Negative\r\n\r\nIntake: 10\/24\r\n Found: 900 blk E Leuda St\r\n

TROY - A1096501 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/26/16 - Click for info & Current Status:



Because Cats! You'll find photos of cats, funny animated gifs, cute and adorable kittens and kitten gifs, cat behavior and tips, cat facts, breeds, health & first aid. Call them Kat, Kot, Katzen, Gatos, Gatitos, кошки, Neko or 猫, it' about cats


Dallas Zoo to raise cheetah cubs with a Labrador puppy

This undated photo provided by the Dallas Zoological Society shows a black Labrador retriever puppy named Amani. Zoo officials have given Amani to two male cheetah cubs, Winspear and Kamau, born July 8, 2013, that have joined the Dallas Zoo. Since Labs are easy-going in public settings and since the pup will grow with the cubs, zoo experts believe he'll provide a calming influence for the cats. (AP Photo/Dallas Zoological Society)


Rocky tail. A warrior from mountain clan. He is midnight flames secret mate and the father of flame kit/paw. He brave but quiet and will stop at nothing to find a way for him and midnight flame to be together