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Beatles fact: the old english sheep dog in this picture belonged to Paul, her name is Martha, and the song Martha My Dear was written about her.

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Exclusive: Beatles Photos from Ringo Starr's New Book


"The Beatles" was an American animated telly series featuring representations of the popular English band. Airing 1965-1969 on ABC in the US it had 39 episodes in all. Only 1965 - 1967 was first run, later broadcasts were reruns. It debuted on Sept 25, 1965 and ended Sept 7, 1969. Episodes were named after a Beatles song, the stories based on its lyrics, the song played during the episode. It's a historical milestone as the 1st weekly series featuring animated versions of real, living…


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The early Beatles in Hamburg. This is a part of a larger photograph taken by Astrid Kirchherr (I think that's how you spell her name). This is just the part containing a 17 year old George.

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Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

After decades since the band stopped performing, and its stars turning solo to earn their share of fame, the enigma surrounding them has seen no diminishing trends so far. Anything they said, they ate or they did, manages to get headline slot at leading p


Photo from The Beatles Are Back, February, 1964. Taken for the Life photo session.The session was originally meant to be a morning photo session using the swimming pool of the Deauville Hotel but the Life magazine photographer was concerned about the large numbers of fans hanging around the hotel. The session instead was moved to the pool at the home of a retired jazz singer named Jerri Kruger Pollak who also had a lunch prepared for the lads & entourage.