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Polygon Names Foldable

This polygon names foldable geometry activity would be the perfect way to help my geometry students take notes on the names of polygons based on the number of sides they have! I love that it has triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, nonagons, decagons, hendecagons, dodecagons, and n-gons! I love using interactive notes in my geometry classroom. We teach this right at back to school time so it would be such a fun activity to get my Geometry students excited!

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Triangle Trap - A 2-Player Game to Classify Triangles

Triangle Trap is a 2-player geometry game that allows students to practice classifying triangles based on sides and/or angles. Players roll a die to identify a type of triangle before searching for one on the game board that fits the name. The first player to get 5 in a row - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - wins the game.

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Slope Sorting Activity

Students sort cutouts of slope shown in tables, graphs, equations, coordinate pairs and right triangles into 6 categories. Good partner activity or fun assessment.


Man, "trilliant" just sounds like a joke. Like someone was thinking "What sounds even more amazing than 'brilliant?' Oh man, I got it: TRILLIANT" ... nah, it probably has to do with the triangle shape. All the same, useful gemstone reference :)

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All About Triangle Shapes

*FREE* All About Triangles: Learn all about the shape triangle in this math printable worksheet. Practice tracing, drawing, coloring pictures of triangles, writing the number of sides and corners.

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GEOMETRY MAZES BUNDLE (50 Mazes on 20 Topics)

This includes 50 MAZES on 20 Topics.1) Ponits, Lines, and Planes - 2 mazes2) Naming Angles - 2 mazes3) Angle Paies - 2 Mazes4) Distance Formula - 2 mazes5) Midpoint Formula - 1 maze6) Parallel Line Angles - 3 mazes7) Triangle Sums - 3 mazes8) Transformations 10 mazes9) Triangle Congruence - 5 mazes10) Kites and Trapezoids - 2 mazes11) Midsegments of Triangles - 2 mazes12) Midsegments of Quadrilaterals - 2 mazes13) Parallelgram Angles - 1 maze14) Simplifying Radicals - 2 mazes15) Pythagorean…