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Nanking Massacre/The Rape of Nanking - Imgur

WWII Japanese War Crimes So Appalling That The Perpetrators Still Won't Acknowledge Them

Nanking Massacre.

General Tani Masuo, the man who oversaw the Nanking Massacre, was executed in…

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Not the so called 1937 Nanking Massacre, but a photo/postcard showing victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923

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Prince Asaka Yasuhiko- Commander of Japanese forces in the final assault on Nanking. Oversaw one of the worst war crimes of the 20th Century. Japanese troops mass murdered civilians and prisoners of war and raped over 20,000 women and young children. Asaka was not prosecuted before the International Military Tribunal for the Far East at least in part because under the pact between MacArthur and Hirohito, the Emperor himself and all the members of the Imperial family were granted immunity.

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