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vintage pit bull photos | 18 06 vintage pit bulls wonderful old photos which i m dedicating to ...

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Hangin' out with my BFFs

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In the 1920s, pit bulls were referred to as "nursemaid dogs" because of how well they behaved with children!

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The American Pittbull Terrier: an American tradition, a "nanny dog," a loyal protector and companion...NOT a monster.

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37 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Pit Bulls

Pitbulls were originally known as nanny dogs - because they are great with children and they will protect "their" children no matter what. They will literally put their own life on the line without giving it a second thought.

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Pit bulls are the sweetest dogs they used to be used as nanny dogs because they are so loyal and sweet. Stop stereotyping!

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Old photos of the “Nanny Dog” – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Old photos of the “Nanny Dog” – Staffordshire Bull Terrier | A ...

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26 Sweet Doggies Snuggling With Babies

I let a pit bull near my baby: This is what happened. Cute little story in defense of pit bulls.

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vintage pit on a tricycle (Looks like the dog is stronger than the kid, he should be pushing her)

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10 Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House

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