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A baby recliner?! What a wonderful idea...I want one too....must have for the next little one!

Nap nanny! Buy it! Best baby investment! Grayson has a cold right now and this is the only way he can sleep, thanks to the incline! I'm in love! So excited to have this for #2!!!!

from ABC News

After 5 Deaths, Stores Recall Nap Nanny Recliners

abc nap nanny jef 121206 wblog After 5 Deaths, Stores Recall Nap Nanny Recliners


@Jodi Clark -- This may help Jashelyn feel more secure while sleeping? A little boy I babysat used one - his mom put it directly in his crib at night as well. Slept in this for months.


"Nap Nanny" baby recliner is an excellent option for babies who do not like to sleep. The inclined position helps to comfort infants who may have colic, reflux, gas colds and flu. The Nap Nanny is a foam positioner that elevates your baby 30 degrees, which is recommended by many doctors.


Photo Credit: Nap Nanny 2009 As any momma knows many babies can't or just won't sleep lying flat at some time in their infancy – reflux, ...