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25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist This couldnt be more spot on for My Ex(well actually a few exs of mine) when any person has to belittle there Ex in anyway theyre just Cowards that have to hide behind their web of lies cause they dont want the world to find just what kind of person they really are!If you dont want people to think less of you then dont behave in a way that they would have a reason to!


my narcissistic mother said these exact one liners to me all. the. time. -but her favorite back stabbing comments were ....drum roll please... "she's my touchy one", "I can't believe that you are MY daughter" and "I wish you would just dry up and blow away!"-my narcissistic mother. no contact.


a narcissist, wow I know ONE of these and he fits it to a tee. I pity anyone and everyone in his immediate path for every life he enters he leaves broken pieces in his path.

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My ex-husband with whom I must coparent with and continually exerts control over my life. And my child is caught in the middle. That Lie You're Living: Narcissistic Abuse | Victims of Narcissistic Abuse - NPD - Sociopath - Psychopath Help Guide |


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