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The kids have been off school this last week and we decided to go to the mountains, even though we really couldn’t afford it and I should have been working. Whatever, it was nice to get away for awhile and …

from SwanWaters

An Understanding of Enabling

We all know people who must have what they want and do what they want, despite the cost. Their don’t-care-attitude when it comes to the rest of us is a truly narcissistic trait. Most people really don’t see what is going on, but why are there also people who enable this narcissistic behavior? I believe it is because some get a sense of egotistical satisfaction from this.


good to know on "narcissistic traits" - totally what this chick is all about; as of right now she is attempting to justify all her horrible crap (i.e. in 2011) - hopefully, people (i.e. c.a.m.) is stronger than those bullshit justifications.