When you find a good illustration | Naruto girls - by Carrotcakebandit on tumblr
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Университет Благородных Наруфанов `Наруто|Naruto

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hinata. ino. sakura. shizune. - not a damsel in distress. #strongfemales #naruto #ladiesofnaruto

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Best to worst, Lucy-style: Hinata Karin Tenten Ino Temari Sakura (I just don't like her all that much. Not into rude, punching, loud girls, though I admit that the girl is strong and skilled)

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Hyūga Hinata. 1st Hinata is like "I cant do this ..." 2ns Hinata is like" I have confudence I can now" 3rd Hinata is like " bitch bow down I got all my shit together ready when you are " I just love how much she grew as a character

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