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Nasa Official Website

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astronomy, outer space, space, universe, stars, nebulas The creator of this Universe has no problem fixing up his Earth.


According to a recent news release on NASA's official website, Hubble Telescope on a three-day observation period captured some fine details of the Comet 332P that is disintegrating about 150 million miles from the sun.

Science of Sound - it is a bit cheezy but a good 5 minute over view of how sound is heard and how the ear works to pick up the sound.


Check out this infographic I found on NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory website

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Mars Rover: How To Identify Fake Photos By iDigital Times Staff Rep | Since so little is known about Mars, it's tough to determine what photos can be trusted. Many fake photos of Mars circulating the internet are fake. The best way to determine whether a photo is fake or not is to check NASA's official website, where all of the Mars rover photos are published. You can even download RAW files of Mars photos.

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These Are NASA's Official ISS Expedition Posters

Expedition 16 - The future begins. | These Are NASA’s Official ISS Expedition Posters