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"Lying's the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it's better if you do". Natalie Portman in Closer (2004).

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Natalie Portman in Closer: I have a pink wig like this. I wore it to a party and a guy said he saw me earlier @ a bus stop (I was headed to the party) and was really struck by it. :)

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"And so it is, the shorter story, no love, no glory, no hero in her sky... amazing movie amazing actress amazing song

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I have coveted this coat since the day I laid eyes on Natalie Portman in Closer.

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Closer (2004)

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30 Movies You Should Never, Ever Watch On A Date

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Alice: It’s a lie. It’s a bunch of sad strangers photographed beautifully, and… all the glittering assholes who appreciate art say it’s beautiful ‘cause that’s what they wanna see. But the people in the photos are sad, and alone… But the pictures make the world seem beautiful, so… the exhibition is reassuring which makes it a lie, and everyone loves a big fat lie.

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