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Coca-Cola Light by Nathalie Rykiel

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Otra botella de Coca-Cola diseñada, esta vez por Nathalie Rykiel

In order to raise money to help the earthquake victims in Abruzzo, Coca Cola Light summoned some of the famous fashion designers in Italy to create their own Coke bottle. Description from I searched for this on

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15 Creative Coca-Cola Bottle & Can Designs

Coca-Cola bottles designed by Nathalie Rykiel, daughter of famous fashion designer Sonia Rykiel, in France 2008

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Dita Lychee liqueur bottles. Special editions by nathalie rykiel, sophie albou zadig and frederiqu trou-roy for Manoush @Thaby Kuri this one's for you. PD

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Pauline Lefevre, Nathalie Rykiel and Florence Foresti attend the...

Photo d'actualité : Pauline Lefevre, Nathalie Rykiel and Florence...

Nathalie Rykiel dévoile ses adresses londoniennes