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Free Star Spangled Banner Printables

  The Crafty Classroom has a variety of free Star Spangled Banner printables to download.  Some of these free homeschool printables include: minibook, copywork, coloring page, and more! Find more free of July printables here!...

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The Story of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Patricia A. Pingry

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Sgt. Zachary Stinson, USMC, uses his arms to stand for the playing of the National Anthem. Words cannot explain how inspiring this is.

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We need to stand strong for our country and our values - this means God, our Pledge of Allegiance, and standing for our National Anthem... The is outrageous - this school should be shut down !!! I'm afraid of what they are teaching our children !! WE ARE NOT CHANGING OUR VALUES BECAUSE IT OFFENDS YOU - IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT LEAVE !!

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This crap of, "it's his right", that's some bull. I guess since we have a right to say whatever in the hell you want to, then don't get your briefs in a bunch when they exercise their own rights. MY POINT IS, JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD. Show some damn respect, or kick rocks!

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National Anthem USA (ALL VERSES)The first thing I want to do this morning is to wish all the Guys on the USA National Soccer Team the very best today as they play Honduras in Dallas today. I wish they were playing here in Houston/Galveston. GEAUX USA ! THE TIME HAS COME TO GALVANIZE

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Fans burn Kaepernick jerseys after he sat down for national anthem

Others tweeted this powerful image of a wounded veteran holding himself upright in his wheelchair for the anthem despite having no legs

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I am still moved by the flag of our country, in spite of all that is going on, liberty is our most precious commodity!!!!

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