This mini chocolate layer cake recipe is one you’ll definitely want on hand. It’s baked in ramekins and serves just 2-4 people. It's perfect for smash cake sessions or for when you just want to satisfy that chocolate cake craving.
No Bake Mint Chocolate Chip Pie – a creamy mint pie with chocolate chips, topped with Andes mints, all in an Oreo crust!  Such an easy no bake recipe for those hot days.
You guys! This avocado chocolate frosting is so good you will want to eat it without the cupcake.
5 Ways to Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day | Oh Happy Day!
5 Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day
BLACKOUT CAKE - If you like The Cheesecake Factory & Linda's Fudge Cake, you'll love this cake!
The secret behind this moist chocolate cake is mixing the cocoa powder with boiling water, which allows the chocolate flavor to blossom.
January 27th: Whaaaat?? National Chocolate Cake Day? Sign us up! My 7 year old always begs for Red Lobster's so here's a copycat recipe for you. What's your favorite place or recipe to get chocolatey?
Tomorrow is National Chocolate Cake Day - and in honor of this great  holiday, I decided to prepare accordingly with this Chocolate Sprinkle  Cake...
January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day | Extreme Chocolate Cake
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NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day.  Although it is an unofficially recognized holiday, it is celebrated by chocolate lovers everywhere. If you are a chocolate lo...
JANUARY 27TH, 2013 – NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CAKE DAY | National Day Calendar