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Hurricane Patricia was the strongest storm ever recorded by the National Hurricane Center in the Western Hemisphere, with winds over 200 mph, where it held that intensity for over 12 hours. Oct 2015


National Hurricane Center leaders visit New Orleans to preview upcoming 2014 hurricane season

Hurricane experts from the National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service, and a variety of organizations that respond to hurricane issues descended on New Orleans Wednesday as part of a national public awareness tour ten days in advance of the beginning...

UNIT 4- Danger Zones- National Hurricane Center

New Jersey National Guardsmen Aid Fellow Citizens During Hurricane Sandy - 844-292-1318 New Jersey legal aid - Soldiers from the New Jersey National Guard’s 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team aid their fellow citizens as Hurricane Sandy approaches the New Jersey shoreline. These Citizen Soldiers are helping to provide a safe place to stay for those who have evacuated the coastal areas. The Werbly and Livingston Recreation Centers at Rutgers University’s New Brunsw

NOAA Now provides the latest information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration including: hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic and Pacific; mainland storms, including the latest tornado and severe thunderstorm alerts; worldwide animated satellite views; the latest marine conditions from the National Data Buoy Center; the nationwide ultraviolet index. All data is courtesy of NOAA and NASA.