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Kids are taking the feds to court on climate

Donald Trump is likely to find himself the subject of a federal court case next year. The subject: climate change. And the plaintiffs: kids, writes John Sutter.


LGBT Rights Activists Fear Trump Will Undo Protections Created Under Obama

The election of Donald Trump has conservative organizations hopeful for new protections for religious liberty, while LGBT groups anticipate more discrimination in courts, workplaces and the military.

Military service requirement for your Country

Wow, didn't Trump just save over 1000 jobs? Hmmm, while this joke of a man was still in office too. He was and is a joke of a president.He is a muslim pig who turned this country's back on our closest allies. He has no legacy to speak of and he knows it! Our national debt has risen by the billlions and more people than ever are on welfare. Do I need to even mention our illegal immigrant issues in the US? Nah, evidence speaks for itself! His exit out of office isn't happening fast enough!


A Completely Dirty, Racist, Conniving, Dangerous Human Being that has infiltrated The White House and Trumps Tiny, Narcissistic, Incompetent, Corrupt, Greedy Brain.


I voted for Trump because Hillary has no idea of the struggles we face as average Joe Blue Collar workers in small town USA. LOL


I actually unplugged my television on Nov 10. They created this invasive monster, and I refuse to expose myself to the disease.


Normalization is the new Republican agenda. Trump, sexism, racism, class warfare, religious purity, holy war. . . It all needs to be normalized to seal the deal.