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American Capitalism Is Already Abysmal — Trump Is About to Make It a Lot Worse | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

The Judgment of the Nations, circa 520 AD, Mosaic, Ravenna, Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Italy. Said to be an early depiction of Lucifer. The halo represents power and not divinity like in later medieval art. The depiction of Lucifer/Hell as we know today was developed in the middle ages and later. Before his revolt he was described as God’s ‘anointed cherub’. Cherubs were often portrayed as blue angels to signify knowledge, not as a chubby child (putto/Greco-Roman deity Cupid/Eros).

Israel makes public 200,000 documents on missing Yemenite children

Part of our job as US educators is to teach students the laws and history of our nation. These signs, inspired by the anti-discrimination laws in our country, build on American History and Government content standards to become a platform for discussions about kindness, mutual respect, anti-bullying, citizenship, and hate speech.

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Middle Child Syndrome: It's Real

The being the middle child is great ..Unless you want to be forgotten about <--- A Joke. But seriously I like being the middle child. It taught me a lot about myself as person , like being responsible or how to end a argument between siblings.

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Happy National Middle Child Day to someone I assume is at therapy right now. | Family Ecard

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Haha...sorta true, unless you're the only girl, then you're definitely used to getting your way.

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