Social Security Administration Expects Beneficiaries of Obama's Amnesty Will Be Covered Starting Later This Year, by Ryan Lovelace, National Review

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Why Biola University Is Suing the Federal Government - By Barry H. Corey - Bench Memos - National Review Online

State NAACP Chief: Tim Scott a Ventriloquist's 'Dummy' | National Review Online...if he were a democrat he would be praised for spouting the party talking points

#Obamavoters The 'We Can't Wait' Clause in the U.S. Constitution. | If you can stand the constipated, jaw-grinding verbiage used in this article it's worth a read. Obviously the author, Mr. Cooke, is not writing for many Americans who appreciate plain-spoken straight-up unvarnished truth.

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Presbyterians OK with Killing Born Babies | National Review Online - Their support of abortion, in word, deed, and money is one of the main reasons we left the Presbyterian church we'd started attending. I did more research into PCUSA's beliefs and they came back wanting, sorely. I was beyond happy that we hadn't given them any money in offerings up to that point. BLECK!

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National Review Online: The Separatist Two-Step - By Michael Auslin - The Corner - National Review Online. Catalonia, Scotland, Texas. Is there something to the recent rage for separatism? It’s all about failing states, it seems.

Hogwash Alert: "National Review" on Common Core...One more reason why my kids will never again step foot in a public school for their education!

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No, ‘Prosecutorial Discretion’ Does Not Justify Obama’s Lawless Amnesty | National Review Online

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