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Video about the Pythagorean Theorem in football! It also has a bunch of other sports related videos that link to science and math concepts. It even comes with worksheets! GREAT RESOURCE!! :-)

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Nicole Cabrera, a doctoral student in Physics and Astronomy, was recently awarded a prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship by the National Science Foundation. The prize, which consists of three annual stipends of $30,000, recognizes and will support Cabrera’s ongoing research into exoplanets – planets that revolve around other suns.

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The outlying regions around the Southern Pinwheel galaxy, or M83, are highlighted in this composite image from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer and the National Science Foundation’s Very Large Array in New Mexico. The blue and pink pinwheel in the center is the galaxy’s main stellar disk, while the flapping, ribbon-like structures are its extended arms.

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A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. New science and technology based on the nanometer refers to the ability to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to build machines on a scale of nanometers or to create materials and structures from the bottom up with novel properties.Nanotechnology, according to the National Science Foundation, could change the way almost everything is designed and made, from automobile tires to vaccines to objects not yet imagined.

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DRI scientists studied molecular biology, and evolution of microscopic organisms, in Antarctica. They worked at Palmer Station, Antarctica, The National Science Foundation sponsored the "Collaborative Research: Functional Genomics and Physiological Ecology of Seasonal Succession in Antarctic Phytoplankton: Adaptations to Light and Temperature" project.

US National Science Foundation looks to slash funding for Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory.

VIDEO on Groundwater: The Ogallala Aquifer, The largest aquifer in North America | National Science Foundation

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Chemistry Now The National Science Foundation has joined forces with NBC Learn and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to cele...