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Natural Study Blinds

from The Kindergarten Connection

11 Awesome Physics Experiments for Kids

What awesome science experiments for learning forces and motion! Introduce children to a lifelong love of science, math, and physics with these simple physics experiments for kids!


Valerian root is a herb used to treat insomnia and sleep disorders. It is also an effective treatment for anxiety, as it reduces the dangerous effects of stress. In 1982, a double-blind study was conducted on 128 subjects. Results showed that Valerian was just as effective as some prescription sleep aids and also increased the quality of sleep. This herb has been researched extensively. While not as potent as some prescription sleep medicines, it is safer and has fewer side effects.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Natural Resources Foldable

Since my unit is Earth's Resources, I would have my students complete this foldable. It is a great activity for them to work on since they must be able to differentiate between man-made and natural resources. They would draw resources, learn the definitions, and list more resources for each of the two categories when completing this assignment. BG

from Apartment Therapy

I Hate Hangers. What Are Some Alternatives? — Good Questions

thinking i could DIY something like this for my sunroom...i'm thinking flat sheets and either ribbon or paint.