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Bahamas Curl .. water friendly style .. When I say water friendly I mean you can indulge in the ocean, pool, river ect at your vacation and your hair will remain !!! ☺️ !!! ☺️ ----- ! " Texture feels like just like your own NATURAL HAIR ! .. HAIRSTYLE: Bahamas Curl " . to perfection BY STYLIST Kanya @naturally_kayy !!!! #crochetbraids #NOLEAVEOUT #Mimisflawlessillusioncrochetbraids #Kanyagivesgoodhair #Kanyadidmyhair #nubians #iamnubian #TouchedByKanya #protectivestyles #voiceof...

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Salvia, the Latin name for sage, means ‘to heal’. Internally, the sage is used for : indigestion flatulence liver complaints excessive lactation excessive perspiration excessive salivation anxiety depression female sterility menopausal problems On the other hand, it is used externally for : insect bites skin infections throat infections mouth infections gum infections skin infections

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Log Off. Shut Down. Get Outside! Mother Nature… She is a powerful healer, many of us take her healing abilities for granted! Studies have shown people of get outdoors in a natural environment become less agitated and have an easier time focusing! So what are you waiting for, put down the phone, log off and get outside! ‪ #foodmatters #FMtip

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“I know he’d be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly.” – John Denver, “Rocky Mountain High” – Image of eagle in Alaska taken by Dr. Joseph T. McGinn – Learn about the “Council Ground of the Eagles, an astounding gathering at

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5 Fun Facts about Opal

Opal has such beauty and complexity that is truly mesmerizing, it is my favorite stone and I love all the variations, but on this particular list I must say I like the Australian opals, black opal is my preference because I have never seen it in life

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