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**FREE** Navigation Acts PowerPoint and graphic organizers! Visually appealing and easy to understand for your middle school students! Download your copy today!


Causes and Effects of the French and Indian War. Navigation Acts - England tries to control trade: 1. All trade must be in English ships. 2. Captain and.

U.S. History / World History: British Economic Policy 1607 to 1763 PowerPoint. Explores the background, early phase, navigation acts, tradition by ... $1.50

from Teachers Pay Teachers

American Revolution "Act it Out " Cooperative Learning Project

This fun, creative cooperative learning project places students into 5 groups which will create and act out 5 scenes about events that led to the American Revolution. The download includes a directions page with an introduction and directions for each of the 5 groups: Mercantilism, the Navigation Acts, the Dominion of New England, the Glorious Revolution, and Salutary Neglect!

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Colonizing North America UNIT PowerPoints and Graphic Organizers

The thirteen colonies was never so easy to teach! This Colonizing North America Unit contains the following PowerPoint lessons + 27-page graphic organizers: Finding a Northwest Passage, Jamestown Colony, Plymouth Colony, New England Colonies, Anne Hutchison & Chief Metacom, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies (part 1), Southern Colonies (part 2), Navigation Acts.


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