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Nct Courses

Turns out he also choreographed Wolf (Exo) and Fire Truck (NCT 127)!!


Haha I did this with BTS and Got7 the second I saw them :P (lol that's when I found out Jin was 6 years older than me and I was like: what? HE is the oldest?! XD)


Wakeland High School's AP Music Theory Course taught by Mr. Arturo J. Denis. Associate Director for Wakeland High School. Established 2006.


t e n daily dose of nct jokes: Haechan: why did the chicken cross the road? Mark: seriously? Haechan: to get to the ugly witches house Mark: what? Haechan: knock knock Mark: who's there? Haechan: the chicken Mark: excuse me sir? I lost my kids is it alright if I make an announcement? store clerk: yeah of course Mark: leans into the mic slowly Mark: whERE THE FAK ARE YOU LIL SHITS IF YOU DONT COME TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE IN THE NEXT SECOND IM GONNA DRAG ALL YOUR ASSSES BACK TO CHINA THAT…