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“I was distraught when I returned from the Glenmoril Coven to find Kodlak Whitemane dead. He was the first person in Skyrim to give me a chance. When I found his journal in the harbringer’s quarters I nearly cried. I still keep it on my bedside table in Proudspire Manor.“ Image credit: [x]


Ly erg- Scottish myth: a faery that dresses like a soldier but is really small. He has a red hand, stained with the blood of his many victims. He wanders on the side of roads near water. Its best to retreat when prompted to a fight with it for it will kill you within the fortnight.


The Viking Daneaxe ~ one of the most feared viking weapons, the Daneaxe had an average shaft length of 5 feet and a lightweight razorsharp blade. Hacking your opponents could be done without them getting near. A notorious historical tale tells about a single Berserker that killed approximately 500 Anglo-Saxons at the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

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BLACK DRAGON FAERY haunted item TINY BUTTERFLY fairy tink dragons purple pendant

Fake - This is not real... This is jewelry... - The item was listed for sale(now sold) on EBAY and described as "BLACK DRAGON FAERY haunted item TINY BUTTERFLY fairy tink dragons purple pendant". It may also be shown on other sites.....(Thanks to @Mary Powers Powers Powers Hagenbuch )

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Imagine the wolf spirits captured in a stone statue. The only way to release them is to speak to them in a trance and ask them to aid you in your journey. (Sasukeinari, Kamakura, Japan)