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Neck strain (often called whiplash) is not just caused by car accidents. Any blow or impact that forces your head to jerk backward or forward can tear your neck’s tendons and muscles causing this injury often referred to as whiplash. See our Avita Health chiropractors in Vancouver to learn about your treatment options. Call us at (604) 980-4491 or visit today.

Increased ICP Symptoms (0 - 15) = Normal Ranges **Any patient that becomes acutely unconscious, regardless of the cause should be suspected of having ↑ ICP** Causes: · Mass lesion (tumor) · Cerebral edema: o Can lead to SIADH or DI o Do NOT lay flat (might have edema in brain) o Reaches peak in 2 – 4 days, then subsides unless there is underlying pathology (cancer, DM, etc.) o Treatment: § Mannitol § Hypertonic Saline § Surgery (depending on cause trauma v. brain tumor) · NOT done if…


Bone Spurs explained. Bone Spurs Symptoms, Causes, Exercises and Treatments all covered. Includes Neck, Foot, Heel, Shoulder, Spine, Knee~apparently I have these all down my neck and they can be quite Physical Therapist told me that ALL adults tend to have them...calcium is not being absorbed and more magnesium intake is needed. Read more within this article..


concussions ~ all sports are a problem, bicycles too. Very interesting new information in the past 18 months. Coach should NOT determine when ready to return to play as can be a second concussion on the first, which may be fatal.

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Ouch! My Shoulder Won't Stop Hurting!


I love not being on medication at all anymore. Going to my chiropractor has been one of the brightest eye openers and the best things I've done for myself and my family. This is the chain effect of using prescription medications. #chiropractic #framingham


Chiari Malformation type I...the massive symptom list! I don't suffer from all of these *thank you God* but a good number of them. Now you'll understand all the snarky medical-disaster-cat pins <3