Propnomicon: Necromancer's Staff

Sander Propworx returns with this wonderfully vile Necromancer& Staff . It& made from cast foam and completely safe for LARP combat.

Na antiguidade as pessoas com doenças contagiosas (lepra/peste) eram confinadas em locais isolados. Esse cara daria um ótimo "carcereiro"

m Rogue Arcane Trickster w book lantern crow spassundspiele: “ The Hermit – fantasy character concept by Hector Pohl ”

The Necromancer, Benjamin Ee on ArtStation at

Lately I’ve had a bit of a gravitation towards yaas queens with a boss ass bitch kind of attitude, and it always seems that necromancers have plenty of that. :P This painting was a lot of fun, especially tying in the botanical theme with her unnatural and

- A necromancia não se trata apenas de manipulação de enegia negativa, minha cara, ela é uma arte, e precisa ser analizada por olhos de especialitas.  palavras dita por Augurus loberith, necromante da resistencia

"I died at a young age only I was in love but I will never see again. Now, I'm here laying on a table. I can feel my body regaining warmth, and my heart. I'm waking up somehow.

Alphabet of the Necromancer Common Tongue by Sathiest-Emperor on DeviantArt

Alphabet of the Necromancer Common Tongue by Sathiest-Emperor on DeviantAr


Friend works for the airlines and had to deal with this annoyed passenger