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The last photos of Ned Kelly were taken by the official Melbourne Gaol photographer, Charles Nettleton on November 10, 1880, the day before Ned’s execution. In this full-length study, Ned holds the cord attached to his leg irons to disguise the withering of his wounded left arm and rests a fist on his hip to mask a crippled hand.


Edward "Ned" Kelly (June 1854 or 1855 – 11 November 1880)[1] was an Irish Australian bushranger. He is considered by some to be merely a cold-blooded killer, while others consider him to be a folk hero and symbol of Irish Australian resistance against the Anglo-Australian ruling class.


Harry Power was nearly fifty years old when he escaped from Pentridge Prison in February 1869 and commenced a daring fifteen month bushranging career. In 1870, Ned Kelly was charged with being an accomplice of the bushranger Harry Power. The case against him was dismissed for lack of evidence.