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I have been extremely ill and yet as I am always expected to - I carry on with life and work like I am supposed to even though I am struggling and feel entirely overwhelmed and am not coping because I am an adult and that is what adults do. Not allowed to take a break from all these things because I have Anorexia, yet Anorexia is totally breaking me


Sometimes it takes a set back to realize we need to slow down and replenish, we can't do it all, here's an honest from the heart post about creative burnout


."Today I'd like to sit and read. Forget I have a job I need. Ignore the things I have to do. And just enjoy a book or two."


“When things are hectic, sometimes you need a break to just be alone and relax. No matter how much you love your family and friends, everyone needs a time out now and then.” -Jude Bijou


I'm about to break. I can't keep doing this. I want to cut so badly. It's been 9 months. I'm 9 months clean and tonight, I might lose that. I can't be strong for everyone else all the time. I need a break. I need to break. I'm about to break.