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Queen Nefertiti Tomb--- Where these culture bandits get the red, white and blue from.

Queen Nefertiti's Tomb | ... as the elder lady mummy from the same tomb (queen Tiye) demonstrated

Queen Nefertiti's Tomb | ... as the elder lady mummy from the same tomb (queen Tiye) demonstrated

Archaeologists Believe They May Have Found Queen Nefertiti's Tomb | IFLScience

Despite being one of the most famous ancient Egyptian queens, the location of Nefertiti's tomb remains a mystery to researchers.

New clues in hunt for Nefertiti's tomb Climate change?

Doomsday prediction from tomb of ancient Egyptian queen

Read British archaeologist claims digital images show lost tomb of Queen Nefertiti latest on ITV News. All the World news

Could Queen Nefertiti's Tomb Reveal Secrets From Egypt's Shadowy Past?

She was married to one of the most eccentric pharaohs. But after his death she may have reigned on her own—as a man. If researchers have found her tomb, what's inside could change Middle Eastern history.

The Catacombs in Alexandria are so called because the design was very similar to the Christian Catacombs in Rome. Most likely it was a private tomb, later converted to a public cemetery. It consists of 3 levels cut into the rock, a staircase, a rotunda, the triclinium or banquette hall, a vestibule, an antechamber and the burial chamber with three recesses in it; in each recess there is a sarcophagus. The Catacombs also contain a large number of Luculi or grooves cut in the rock.

These Catacombs are in the district of Karmouz to the east of Alexandria. This area was named Kom El-Shoqafa The cementery dates back to the century A.

King Tut's tomb: '90%' chance of hidden chambers. Findings from a radar scan of Tutankhamun's tomb will be a crucial step in resolving one of ancient Egypt's biggest enigmas.

King Tut's tomb: '90%' chance of hidden chambers

A British Egyptologist and archaelogist believes he may have solved the millenia-old mystery of where Queen Nefertiti is buried.

Queen Nefertiti's Tomb | Nefertari playing Senet, and Nefertariwith her Ba.

Queen Nefertari, wife of Rameses II plays chess to pass the time, as her soul rises as a human-headed bird.