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Color by the Eyeborg


from The Huffington Post

LOOK: The Sound Of Colors

This week's TEDWeekends theme is 'Hacking Our Senses,' and below you will find a visual representation of colorblind artist Neil Harbisson's talk on how he can 'hear' colors.


WHOA! ...Hear Color & See Sound! - Neil Harbisson, the first cyborg artist in the world - WTF awesome but weird fun facts


Artwork Untitled by Neil Harbisson

Justin Bieber - Baby by Neil Harbisson

"Neil Harbisson: I listen to color" Artist Neil Harbisson was born completely color blind, but these days a device attached to his head turns color into audible frequencies. Instead of seeing a world in grayscale, Harbisson can hear a symphony of color -- and yes, even listen to faces and paintings.


Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition that causes complete colour blindness. In 2004, Harbisson and Adam Montandon developed the eyeborg, a device that translates colours into sounds. Harbisson has been claimed to be the first recognized cyborg in the world, as his passport photo now includes his device


JFK Inaugural Speech by Neil Harbisson

A Conversation on Cyborism: Interview with U.K. Cyborg Neil Harbisson. Neil Harbisson, who is the first legally recognized Cyborg, has made it his mission to helping people find their own inner-Cyborg.