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Dessert: Rabri (Indian/ Nepalese dessert!! #yomyom

Tilko Laddu ( Sesame balls) Nepali dessert

Peda - One of the most popular desserts in Nepal, Peda is a sweet made out of milk. It is also a common sweet that is offered to the gods and goddesses during any puja or worship. It looks like a mini cheese cake, however, the size of a peda could vary from small to big and from one shop to another. Originally, it was made purely out of khuwa (milk solid) and used very less or absolutely no sugar, however, these days, people mix sugar to make it sweet.

from Global Table Adventure

Crystal Crunch "Fudge" | Besan Burfi

Crystal Crunch Fudge (Besan Burfi) cooked for our Nepali Global Table.

gulab-jamun - My FAVORITE dessert I had in Nepal. Can't believe I found this!!

"Pudding of Nepal" - chocolate and mango layered dessert


Caramel Lassi

DESSERT - Caramel Lassi Recipe | SAVEUR

Peda is a milk based dessert.  Usually this dessert is too sweet for me, but it is a good dessert to make during holidays or parties and if you have a lot of guests. This recipe makes 30-40 bite si...

Badam (almond) Burfi is a healthy substitute for candy but is rich in flavor. Almond burfi can be served as dessert or snack.