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20 Awesome Nerf Games to Make and Play

20 of the best Nerf games to make and play - love the party ideas, and all the homemade targets!

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Epic Dart Belt Hack for Kids

Do your kids love NERF® battles? This epic dart belt hack will keep them playing longer and even help with cleanup!

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Nerf Gun Game: Army Guy Shootout

Turn a cardboard box into an army guy shooting gallery for Nerf guns! Plastic army guys are a great target to shoot. They’re fun to knock over, and the price is definitely right! In general, we prefer to use Nerf targets that are not people. Shooting army guys doesn’t bother me though – maybe because …

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Nerf Target Prize Game

Nerf Target Prize Game - Hide prizes in the cups, and kids get one when the shoot through the paper! Fun party game.

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Ready, Aim...5 DIY Nerf Target Games

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10+ of the BEST Nerf Target Games

10+ of the BEST Nerf Target Games - Exploding stick targets, army guy shooting gallery, Star Wars Nerf games, and more.

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Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game

Knock the Balls Down Nerf Target Game - Super boredom buster, and a fun party idea too.

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Nerf War Birthday Party Rules downloadable PDF by PaperRecollectionsAz on Etsy

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Create a Fantastically Simple NERF Family Play Zone

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