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Nerve Damage In Arm

A burner is an injury to the bundle of nerves that runs from the back of your neck into your arm. These separate nerves come together in the upper shoulder to form the brachial plexus. From here, the nerves go to all the arm muscles. A burner is often called a stinger.

Employees who work with vibrating tools or machinery on a regular basis can develop nerve damage, resulting in a tingling, or numbness in the hands and fingers. This condition, known as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), can lead to permanent numbness and muscle weakness if the individual continues to use vibrating tools over time. Baltimore Workers’

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Doctor heard bragging about drinking before delivering baby

Ms Sims (left) is now suing the doctor for her son's disability. Jared was born with nerve damage to his arm which his mother says was caused by the way he was pulled out by Dr DeLee (right)

Spinal breaks are not quite the same as a broken arm or leg. A crack or disengagement of a vertebra can bring about bone sections to squeeze and harm the spinal nerves or spinal string. Most spinal cracks happen from auto collisions, falls, gunfire, or games wounds. Read more-

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Sometimes wrist and hand pain come from thoracic outlet syndrome. We can test for it with a nerve tension test (shown in this graphic). If you want to learn how to evaluate the nerves, this DVD Nerve Mobilization teaches that.

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Brachial neuritis can cause pain to radiate down your arm(s). For help with this condition, call us today. 412-212-8880