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The Story Behind Meridian: Why Netflix Is Helping Competitors with Content and Code

Shomi a Canadian Netflix competitor is shutting down.

Nasper, one of Netflix competitors has planned to launch its Subscription video on demand service in South Africa on August 19, 2015 to capture the market before Netflix does by the end of 2016. Netflix, Inc. has decided to take over the South African...


Are you a South African streaming cybercriminal? Local Netflix competitors may not be enough to stop consumers using technology that allows them to access the international versions of these platforms, writes Lynley Donnelly.

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Netflix's competitors are quickly closing the gap in a crucial area

Netflix's big competitors have caught up in a crucial area

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Netflix is over 12 times more popular than its competitors among younger viewers

"Netflix is over 12 times more popular than its competitors among younger viewers" - HunterC4t. Posted by

The SVOD Throwdown – A Look at Netflix’ Strongest Competitors


22) Indirect competitors // With BR content available through many media channels and on various platforms, Mike is spending more and more time interacting with BR. He may have not noticed it, but the overall time he spends watching Netflix and reading news on has gone down since the launch of Team Stream and BR Youtube shows.

How Facebook, Netflix and Amazon compete with YouTube. YouTube may be the current king of digital video, but a slew of competitors are chipping away at YouTube’s armor.