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Never ending card

Create an special card, you choose the message. This original card has 4 positions where you can add 4 different images or texts

New tutorial for a Neverending card - a card that has never-ending opennings. The measurments for the metting should be 1 3/8 anywhere that is written 1 1/8....


2016 How to make a never-ending card ... INSTRUCTIONS IN INCHES: 4 PAPERS @ 8IN LONG BY 4 IN WIDE SCORED @ 2 INCHES AND 6 INCHES. THEN FOLLOW OTHER INSTRUCTIONS ON ASSEMBLY ... You can make these any size as long as the width is half the length and scored at half the width. .... try 6 long by 3 wide scored @1 1/2 from each side for a smaller version.. Following the direction as normal on where to glue and fold. You can go smaller or larger.