erm, sorry, but do you see how strange this is? the boy who plays Neville talks about how he was pretending to be Harry. the boy who could have been pretending to be the chosen one...

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Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton... who knew they'd turn out to be the hotties of HP... well a few of them.

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An adult reunion for the two July 31 boys' birthdays, years later, with everyone there. I love it.

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Jace (City of Bones), Neville(Harry Potter), Percy(Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief), Four(Divergent), or ... whatever his name is (Hunger Games)

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I just love Neville. To me, I think he is one of the most tormented characters in the books and my heart breaks for him every time I read them. However, I also loved seeing his development throughout the books and watching him become the bravest characters in the end.

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