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Luna Lotus Canvas Space Painting Spray Screen Print Nebula Galaxy Cosmic Planets Stars Solar System Witch New Age Moon Phase Dotwork

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People got duped with the religious system and went to the new-age movement and do not want to admit they've been duped again. --George Kavasillas commenting on our chakras systems being an over-lay control program

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So true....I really have...

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Lighthouse Tattoo by Wes Hawkins of New Age Tattoo of Marquette MI done during our UPAWS fundraiser to raise money for the local no kill animal shelter. To see more of his work follow the studio on instagram at @ newagetattoo

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Drawing by Justin Gahn of New Age Tattoo in Marquette MI. To see more of his work:

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possible vallaslin markings for Euphian. I think she'd either have Falon'Din (friend of the dead) or Dirthamen (knowledge and secrets). Or maybe Fen'Harel if I can find the symbols

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Tattooed Santa.I imagine a tattooed Santa would come bearing money for new tattoos.I hope he comes to my house for Christmas

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