James Cameron promises a new Avatar movie every year, starting in 2016 -- There are going to be a whole mess of Avatar movies coming out — a whole new trilogy in fact.

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A new “Avatar” movie coming up in 2017! - http://gamesleech.com/a-new-avatar-movie-coming-up-in-2017/

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30 Good Movies to watch – Part 1, #30GoodMovies http://www.pinterestpatron.com/2012/08/30-good-movies-to-watch-part-1/

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crys-sketchblog: So yeah here’s the full illustration of Korra I’ve been working on some weeks ago! I had lots of theories as to why I chose to draw all her versions this way, but I already forgot most of them LOL so just hope you enjoy anyway uvu

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Credit for pictured post fragment: allfortheloveofabook (tumblr) Credit for ORIGINAL post: lovelunarchron (tumblr)

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