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Black men and women continue to earn significantly less than their white counterparts and it's largely due to job market discrimination, a new Economic Policy Institute report released Tuesday finds. In...

What was it like for immigrants who entered America through Ellis Island? What happened to them at various points in their immigration journey? Place yourself in an immigrant’s shoes, and discover how government policy, public sentiment and economic conditions impacted the 12 million people who were processed through the U.S. Immigration Station on Ellis Island. Discover what happened if they failed a medical or legal inspection, and follow them to their new homes and occupations in America.


Ronald Reagan - wonderful rendition of our past president,


July 29, 1910, a terrorist attack designed to maintain economic white supremacy. The death toll was comparable if not higher than in the Rosewood massacre.


Donald Trump’s new economic policy plan would be devastating to the climate It’s a laundry list of climate activists’ worst nightmares.

"Home economics in public schools. Kitchen in housekeeping flat, New York," circa 1910. View full size. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

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Legal Stuff for Bloggers

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1921, Lenin's New Economic Policy, March 21: Here Is the Financial Account for 1921 given by Lenin, Sovnarkom Chairman. This Glavpolitprosvet poster illustrates the success rate of the Soviet government from 1918 to 1921 in a variety of areas, including international relations, economic relations with Europe, the New Economic Policy, hunger and agriculture, agricultural taxes, fuel, metallury, electrification, trade, and the reform of the Cheka.


Capitalism means the death of children whos mothers can't pay for food. They can't pay because the first world is taking their recources.


Two dapper men in Lincoln, Nebraska: Historic photographs of black Lincolnites in the early 1900s — taken by a black photographer — will hang in the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington