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Oh and make sure you are providing excellent pt satisfaction even though you are needed in a million places at once

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Advice to My Younger Self as a New Nurse: What I Know Now

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Me: I'd better make this interesting. Ventilator: starts alarming Me: trips over IV pump, crashes into ventilator, pulls IV out, blood everywhere... stands up, calls aide,tells family that pt is bucking the vent and that they needed a new IV. Me: well, my work here is done.

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Handmade "Sleeping Nurse" Front Door Sign - Do Not Disturb - Porch Sign - Window - New Parents - Gift Idea - No Soliciting - Solicitation

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8 Drugs Every ICU Nurse Needs to Know. What drug to give during which arrhythmia. Very important for new ICU nurses to know. #icu #nurse

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Surviving as a Grad Nurse - some of these things I just needed reminding of, because omg the last month has just flown by... ~

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