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New Pokemon Fusions
from 9GAG

New Pokemon Fusions

How cool would this mechanic be in a game? Like in double battles you could fuse certain pokemon and sacrifice the chance to attack twice for neat perks like high attack, new moves, or awesome abilities ...


Can't wait to see their evolutionary forms. I like Litten best, followed by Popplio (reminds me of Stefano from Madagascar 3 xD) and Rowlet (rhymes with "Toe-let" or "Cow-let?")...but all three are adorable. Not the most original designs, sure...we've got a number of cat/feline, owl/bird, and seal/pinniped Pokemon already. I'm sure they could've thought of a few species that have yet to be Pokefied. But ah, well. They're cute. Guess I know what I'll probably be getting my brother for…